How to Join

To join and get the best result from the initiative is essential to plan some preventive activities that will allow us to create a perfect synergy between the Company proponent, the showroom partners and architects, interior designers, etc.

Presentation of Collections

GANT consultant will assist the partners in finding the most suitable solutions for exhibiting their products and their introduction and presentation of products in order to communicate with the designers and the world of design quality .
A consultant will assist GANT’s partner showrooms with the selection of display solutions and present the most suitable products to attract attention of the designers and the world of quality design.

Showroom Personnel Training

GANT organizes training days (participation is essential) on the premises of manufacturing companies or the partners of these, in order to analyze the dynamics techniques and acquire sales arguments and strengthen the awareness how to deal with high quality standard solutions.
Training forums will be repeated on a quarterly basis at the premises of partner customers, with the aim to convey the correct grasp of the endless opportunities of the Home System.

Editorial Meetings/Interviews

GANT and the hosting dealer will organize the appointment which is created for the benefit of architects, designers and interior designers.
Interviews will be personalized, confidential and they will be managed by our working group and allow you to explore the professional quality and also the quality of the projects.
During the course of the event, the showroom will have the opportunity to:

  • Deepen and enhance the knowledge of the most interesting designers of the territory.
  • Create important opportunities for interaction and collaboration by leveraging the appeal of exclusive and customized collections.
  • Give designers the opportunity to contribute to the publication of their best projects on the website

Attending our events (meetings and training forum) will also enable the showroom to preview the most interesting projects that are being developed in the area thus creating the opportunity to act swiftly on the possible supply.